More than an audio guide

Musly - the museum guide

Musly is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
We are the best tool for replacing audio guides because we cost much less and it's much easier to create tours with us. Also, we provide the opportunity to make exhibitions more fun with mini-games.
Musly is an app in which a museum can create a profile with tours of its exhibitions.
Прототип приложения Musly.
Прототип приложения Musly.
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Musly - the platform

A user can subscribe to updates of the museum and get notifications when a new exhibition is released.
Musly is a platform. User downloading free mobile app in one museum, will know about all other museums on the Musly platform.
We will help you with everything
We will create the first tour for Musly on our own or you can use the modern constructor to add a tour yourself.
We will provide all the necessary posters and materials so that the museum visitor will have no trouble using Musly.
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Our mission
Visiting a museum should become as common as going to the movie theater or a cafe.

A person who has an hour to spare should be able to go to a museum and enjoy it immensely.
More information
Feel free to write to us if you have any questions!
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