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Interactive mobile guide

What problems do museums face?

Standard advertising channels like banners or advertisements on social media and other Internet resources are expensive and do not have the expected effectiveness.
Audio guides and interactive tablets are expensive, outdated and need to be renewed. Buying new ones is often too expensive.
Interactive exhibits increase attendance and the positive experience of the museum, but these art objects are technically difficult to incorporate.

Our solution

We offer a smartphone app platform that makes it easy to update tour programmes, add interactivity and create tours for temporary exhibitions.
Musly application prototype.
Musly application prototype.

What trends is our hypothesis based on?

According to the statistics, more than 30% of European museums use a mobile app, including museums such as The British museum and the Van Gogh Museum.
Photo of a museum and the museum name.
Photo of a museum and the museum name.

What are the benefits of our platform?

You only need to update the information in one place
You don't need to spend any more money on physical devices, because everything will work on the visitor's device
You can easily add interactive modules to your display
Easily create itineraries around temporary exhibitions, making them more attractive

Musly app

Musly is available for free on App Store and Google Play.
Musly application prototype.
Musly application prototype.
Musly application prototype.
Musly application prototype.
Musly application prototype.
Musly application prototype.
Musly application prototype.
Links to download the application.
Links to download the application.

One platform - increasing attendance at all museums

Ability to interact with visitors

The user, when visiting one museum, learns about the other museums
Visitors will be motivated with a system of rewards and achievements. For visiting all museums of a certain theme, the user will be rewarded with an in-app award.
Ability to send notifications to attract new visitors
Access to statistical data to optimise exposure

How will the museum contribute information to our app?

Once the app is connected, we will train your staff to use it and enter information into it.
The information will be entered through the constructor app for computers. All information can be entered via the constructor. You can also view how the data you enter will look in the visitor's application using the "Design" button directly in the constructor. You can download the constructor by clicking on the button.

Visitor problems and our offered solutions

Possibility of creating children's interactive tours
The user will always be able to change the source of information to the most convenient one user-friendly
Lack of children's interest in museum exhibits
The need to choose only one of the following:
1. tour guide
2. audio guide
3. paper guide
4. Inscriptions in the museums themselves

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