Our way of monetising is a fixed fee based on the number of visitors to the museum in the previous year

Our pricing policy

Why this is the best of the options:

Reducing pressure on the museum budget
Cheaper than developing your own app + advantage of the platform
We are adapting to the museum's budget
A fixed tariff is convenient for budget planning
Over 300,000
100000 - 300000
50000 - 100000
less than 50,000
Minimum rate is €150 per month.
Cost per visitor in EUR
Number of visitors per year
For example, in the case of 55,000 visitors, the fee per year would therefore be €10,875. The fee will be charged once a month. That is 906.25 euros per month.
In comparison, the cost of a single audio guide device ranges from 100 to 300 euros + the cost of headphones.